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How To Hire A Home Tutor In Abuja

how to hire a home tutor in abuja
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Private tutoring is a thriving business in Abuja today. There are so many firms offering a variety of personal tutoring service. Therefore, the question, how to hire an impressive home tutor in Abuja?

how to hire a home tutor in abuja
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Today we at Synergy Lifeline Consulting will guide you through steps to follow to hire the right tutor for your child amidst the multitude to choose from in Abuja. We will also explain to you why a home tutor is vital to a child’s educational growth.

How To Hire A Home Tutor – In Abuja

Here are five guidelines to follow when hiring a home tutor in Abuja:

  1. Define Your Goals
  2. Interview Various Tutors
  3. Get Recommendations And Reviews
  4. Create A Suitable Timetable
  5. Consider Pricing
how to hire a home tutor
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Video: Does your child need a home tutor?

Watch this video to learn if your child requires a home tutor.

How To Hire A Home Tutor In Abuja

Define Your Goals

What is the goal of tutoring?

The goal of tutoring is to improve the student. These improvements are measured in improved self-esteem, improved academic performance, and learning independence. Whichever tutor you hire, ensure that their goals are consistent with yours, and it improves the overall academic success of the student.

What goals do you need to define before hiring a tutor in Abuja?

The goals you need to define before hiring a tutor in Abuja are divided into two categories:

  1. Performance goal. This refers to tutoring geared towards academic excellence in a forthcoming exam.
  2. Learning goal. Tutoring geared towards the gradual educational development of the child.
how to hire a home tutor in abuja
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Interview Various Tutors

What are the questions to ask a potential tutor during an interview?

The following are 17 questions you must ask any tutor during an interview before hiring them:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. What made you become a tutor?
  3. What do you love about tutoring?
  4. How long have you tutored?
  5. What is your educational background?
  6. What qualities make you an ideal tutor?
  7. How long will each tutoring session last?
  8. What is your approach to teaching?
  9. How did you handle your greatest tutoring challenge?
  10. What are your most successful strategies when working with new clients?
  11. What is your teaching philosophy?
  12. How do you handle make-up sessions and cancellations?
  13. Who are your references?
  14. How often will you communicate with me?
  15. Can I support the tutoring process?
  16. What is your track record with past clients?
  17. When do I expect to see results?
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Get Recommendations And Reviews

How can you get a review of a tutor in Abuja?

The best method of getting a review of a home tutor in Abuja is by listening to testimonies from previous and current clients of the tutor. Client reviews and testimonials give you an idea of the quality of service a tutor has to offer. You can get these reviews by checking the tutor’s website, or by getting in touch with their clients.

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Create A Suitable Timetable

How many hours of tutoring are recommended?

We recommend one hour of tutoring per session for your child. During each session, you can allow the student five minutes of break time. Remember, the tutoring sessions should be evenly distributed over the week.

Students preparing for an examination may require more tutoring hours. Two hours of tutoring per session is ideal. We intend these sessions to be intensive, therefore, break time is minimal.

Consider Pricing

How much does home tutoring cost in Abuja?

A home tutor in Abuja will charge one thousand to eight thousand naira per hour. Individual tutors in Abuja charge according to their educational qualifications and level of experience. A certified and experienced tutor in Abuja will charge a premium fee for a personalized tutoring service.

A variety of factors influence the cost of tutoring in Abuja, one of such factors is the subject being taught. Mathematics, English, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry are the most expensive tutoring courses in Abuja.

Conclusion – How To Hire A Home Tutor In Abuja

Hiring a home tutor for your child is a step in the right direction. A home tutor will help improve the academic performance and social development of your child. Much of your child’s social development is related to his/her academic development.

When a child’s grade drops drastically, their self-esteem drops. As a parent, it is vital you lookout for signs that show your child is having difficulties with the school curriculum and try to fix them immediately. In one of our articles, we listed signs that show your child needs a home tutor. Click here to read it.

Here at synergy lifeline consulting, we spend a lot of resources in training our tutors. This enables them to give your child the best tutoring service. Call us today to hire a tutor for your child.

How to Hire A Tutor — Related FAQs

What Is The Best Way To Tutor Online?

The best way to tutor online is to keep it simple and engaging. To deliver online engaging tutoring sessions, pre-record your sessions, do not stream them. Recorded sessions can be sent to students who can go through the learning resource over and over at their own time and pace. 

Come into view. Tutorial videos that intersperse slides with a video of the tutor are more effective than narrative slideshows.

create tutorial videos which show your face
Create tutorial videos that show your face. Agenturfotografin/Shutterstock

Keep the videos short and straight to the point. If you will discuss a topic that will consume a lot of time, break the topic into parts. 

Optimize your slides so they are visible on smartphones. 

Include existing open-source resources. Provide your students with other existing high-quality resources. 

Follow a routine that works for you and your students. Constantly changing the learning pattern will adversely affect the students.

How Do You Structure A Tutoring Session?

To structure your tutoring session effectively, develop your lesson plan well in advance. Have a clear picture of what you wish to achieve in each lesson while planning the lesson. Keep the goals simple and attainable. Your goals should be geared towards further improving your student.

During the lesson session, set out to achieve your goals first. It is important to know what you wish to achieve in a tutoring session, it is twice as important achieving those goals. 

Also, encourage your students to give you quality feedback by asking them engaging questions. Tutoring should be a two-way open communication channel. When a student responds with his/her feedback is when tutoring occurs. 

Review the recent weeks work and go through any outstanding home work during the last five to ten minutes of the class. 

Always complement your students for their good performance. And when you want to correct them, do so positively. 

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